Learn And Practice The English Language

Posted on: 29 January 2018


If you are a native of Mexico and are going to be traveling to the United States for a work-related project, you may be concerned about the language barrier that you will be faced with. If you have minimal experience in speaking English, use the listed strategies to assist with learning the English language and practicing what you have been taught so that you will be able to converse with people in America during your stay. 

Sign Up For An English As A Second Language Class

Instructors at a continuing education or adult center may offer ESL classes. These classes are geared toward individuals who have spoken another language for their entire lives and will provide you with the basic foundation needed to speak English with confidence. After enrolling in an English class, purchase an English dictionary and notebook to bring along with you to each session.

Listen intently to your teacher and repeat common words and phrases that they present to you. The words and phrases that are introduced can help you if you become lost while in America and need directions to a specific address or if you are in need of a restroom or would like to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant. 

Listen To Audio Tapes And Follow Along In A Book

Your local library may have audio tapes and books available that are designed to teach languages. If so, reserve a couple audio tapes and purchase a personal audio player to listen to the tapes on. Follow along in the book that came with the tapes so that you can begin to identify English words while they are spoken. Take the time to listen to the tapes daily. A good time to practice listening to the tapes is when you have no other obligations and when you are at home alone and are not going to be interrupted. 

Use Flashcards While Studying

Purchase some English flashcards that contain pictures of common objects that you may encounter while in the United States. Line the cards up on a table so that the pictures are facing upward. Write the English words for the pictures. After you have completed this task, flip the cards over and check the answers. If you have gotten any of the words wrong, lay the cards out again and attempt to write down the English words until you have gotten them all correct.