Taking Your Career To The Next Level When You Are A PA Or NP

Posted on: 14 May 2019


A physician's assistant (PA) and a nurse practitioner (NP) are on equal rungs of the medical professional's ladders. Both are within striking distance of being or becoming doctors, but both have chosen to stop their education where they are. The difference that separates them is that the NP focuses on preventive care and management of the patient's emotional as well as physical health and the PA is all about the diseases and diagnostics of health problems. What does not separate them, however, is the fact that both, just like doctors above them and nursing staff below them, have to take CME classes to keep their licenses. If you are a PA or an NP, and you want to further your career with a few extra certifications and specializations under your belt, here are some courses that could really make you stand out from your professional peers. 

Sonographer Continuing Education Credits

A full-fledged sonographer can use ultrasound machines to screen for medical conditions, as well as listen for embryonic heartbeats. As an NP, you could use this extra coursework and certification to work in a maternity ward or as a nurse in an OB/GYN office, sometimes substituting and standing in for the doctor and the doctor's many duties. As a PA, you could use what you learn in these courses to diagnose heart murmurs, digestive tract issues (specifically lower digestive tract issues), and kidney stones or kidney disease. At the very least, you would be able to use, read, and understand a handheld Doppler radar during an initial scan for life or disease, respectively.

Cardiology Continuing Education Credits

Next to the brain, the human heart is the most important organ in the body. No brain equals no ability to control the body's many functions and organs, but no heart means no life. If you take these courses as an NP, you are working with patients to restore the strength of their hearts, improve vascular function, reduce hypertension, and prevent heart disease and heart attacks. As a PA, you would learn how to diagnose all heart-related conditions and treat them accordingly. These are life-saving courses no matter which profession is yours. 

Taking Your Physician CME Classes Online

Your career life is undoubtedly a very busy one. There is almost no time to spare during your shifts for squeezing in the required number of continuing medical education courses, much less figure out which ones to take. However, if you have a goal in mind with where you want to take your career next, you can take the above courses, and many others, online in your time off from work. 

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